About Us

Hello we are the Nielson's,
Dennis, Deb,
Adam, Greta, Emma, Ian
and Jacob. 
In 1997 our son Adam took a class from
Matt Stewert and Boyed Palmer
at the Noble Bee Farm in Amana.
They refured him on to the Indian
Creek Nature Center's Bee Class tought 
By Russ Swanson. This was his 4-H project
for 2 years. He went off to Collage
and left the bees to us for safe keeping.
 Well, bees are hard to keep safe sometimes.
 So we took the Indian Creek Nature Center
class and  The Nebraska Master Beekeeping
 Class and attended many lectures and took 
 classes at the  Iowa and Missouri annual meetings.
Now we have 30 plus Bee hives in 7 locations
in Benton, Tama and Linn county. 
Dennis is on the board as a directors
for the Iowa Honey producers,
and has mentored 4 students in the
Iowa youth program.
We do 3 to 4 Farmers Markets a week 
from May to October,
 some craft and vender shows,
and we have honey in a few shop.
 Deb makes flavored honey,
 All natural Lotion bars, lip balm and
an Insect repellant (BUZZ***).
We now are trying the web page. 
This year (2012) we sold our flavored honey
at the Iowa State Fair
in the "Taste of Iowa" sampleing booths
 in the Varied Industry Building.
 Life is busy but fun.