Our Lotion Bars are all natural.

Bees Wax---Coco Butter 
Olive Oil-----Vitaman E
To use just rub between your hands
or directly on problem skin.
Helps heal Dry hands, feet and elbows.
Great for skin irritations and diper rash.

We make a 1 oz unsecented bar in a tin container .

New We now offer secented lotion
bars in
Vanilla-Sandalwood (a wonder blend of vanilla and sandalwood) (NEW)

Red Clover Tea ( Delicious herbol tea scent delicutly sweet with notes of fruit.)

Tuscan Wine (Blend of wine, brandy, fruit and touch of sweetness from Italy)

Oatmeal,Milk &Honey (A warm and inviting scent like grandmas kitchen on a snowy day)

*Sweet Spells* ( Soft base of musk and middle notes of Jasmine,peach and berries,Top note of orange,bergamont,mandarin. )

pictures coming soon